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MY FIRST COLLABORATION with The Colours of Nature TCoN

I first met Jesus Ciriza and his business partner Loes Overbeek in October 1999. They had already perfected commercial natural dyeing but they where just starting to develop their first product, a classic buttoned down men’s shirt. Their entire process was certified by SCAL, a Dutch certification that was eventually bought by Control Union. Their certification included everything from dyes, spinning, handloom weaving, and their organic cotton was beyond Fair Trade standards. Alas, they were struggling to survive due to the isolation of Auroville, India, poor market conditions and specially because back then natural dyes and organic cotton wasn’t a thing…  So they invited me to collaborate with them and I decided to design a collection dedicated to reflect a zen lifestyle.

We presented the collection at Biofach, Germany in 2001, the first trade show dedicated to organic products, but the market wasn’t ready yet… It was an uphill battle, enough to make anyone go bankrupt!

I kept all my samples, swatches, natural dyeing ingredients and once I started teaching Ethical Fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY (2010), it became my mission to inspire students to work with natural dyes and endangered cultures… Indigo was in my soul and it became a powerful incentive to inspire my students.

Eventually, Jesus and Loes parted ways but thanks to Jesus tenacity and the internet, TCoN now collaborates with brands such as Levis, Industry of All Nations, Lacoste, Benetton, Story from Japan, etc.

Here are some fond images that bring back those memories 🙂
PS, no the digital cameras back then…

If you are hoping to develop handmade products with artisans and their ancestral techniques, contact me to inquire about my consultancy packages. I also teach ethical fashion courses and give lectures.


Jesus + Loes.jpg
Jesus and Loes

YO Auroville.jpg
Me, while reviewing developments

loes+samples1.jpgIndigo + Japanese techniques: Shibori, Sashiko and natural bamboo closures.

The dyeing unit

Dyeing Unit.jpg
All natural, almost like Robinson Crusoe

cutting room.jpeg
Tailoring unit upstairs

Loes and the samplemaker

Pure organic cotton drying

Certified handloom

Indigo ferra plant and indigo yarn

Live Vats.jpgIndigo is a live fermentation process

Dying and the oxidation process

indigo paste.jpeg
Indigo paste

Dyeing process

Scan 100770005.jpg
Quality control

Shibori Bedding.jpg
Shibori samples for the bedding collection

Organic Cotton Robe+Slipper.jpg
Handloomed plain kimono robe and slippers

Organic Cotton.png
Handloomed waffle kimono robe

Developing our knit samples at a Tirupur factory

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 2.32.05 PM.png
Organic cotton yoga collection

Me, while doing the slipper and sandal development

indigo organic sandal copy.jpg
Indigo sandals

Organic cotton Spa slippers

My footwear design

TCoN founders, Jesus Ciriza and Loes Overbeek, Auroville, India, 1999

A young version of myself with a Kutchi Rabari tribe in the Bhuj desert.