I recently coordinated the first visit to Mexico of Aboubakar Fofana, indigo master from Mali, to create his textile installation “Wild Is The Wind” on a beautiful agave field in Oaxaca.

For the record, Indigo masters are few and rare, they are living jewels that honor their practice by blessing their vats and invoking the gods of wind and water. After witnessing Aboubakar’s process, my admiration and respect for his work increased! He is a true alchemist, mystic and artist. He posses a compass for elegance and beauty and the traits of patience, tenacity, and precision.

He is a world traveler and his exquisite textiles represent 5000 years of ancestral wisdom. I was honored to assist him during his first exhibition in Mexico and feel blessed to call him a friend.

Portrait by #Rudj, Installation photos by Elena Pacenti

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