Is ethical fashion a political issue?

When I posted on my FB page Ethical Fashion NY, about the Bernie Sanders speech that was interrupted by a bird, I received a relevant comment:

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 9.50.58 AM.png

I felt it was necessary to respond and explain to community the reason I posted the Bernie Sanders video…

“I’m sorry to disappoint some of the audience… but Ethical Fashion IS a political issue and that is the reason I dedicated 15+ years to start the conversation and generate this movement. The US trade policies eroded the once thriving textile and apparel manufacturing industries in America, generating massive unemployment and loss of skills. Thus allowing a shift to manufacture to the cheapest destinations, which have little regard for working conditions and the environment. This platform IS a moral movement and I stand for what I feel is right. To raise awareness and develop a moral compass. We have less that a decade to clean up our act. It’s not about fashion, it’s our human duty to do the right thing. The act of a bird flying into a political podium gives me hope.”  ‪#‎thebird‬


I don’t HOPE for change… I BELIEVE in creating change!