It’s an honor and a pleasure to be part of this amazing lineup of colleagues and friends at Ecouterre’s annual fashion predictions.

My predictions:

We’ll start addressing toxicity in the textile and apparel sector through green- chemistry initiatives that seek to regulate or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances and processes.

Eventually consumers will learn to identify and avoid certain fabrics and chemicals when selecting clothing.

Cultural appropriation will continue be a hot topic and the public will be less tolerant toward designers that copy other cultures.

On the other hand, we’ll see an increase in traditional textile production methods and ancient designs will be revived and reintroduced to village artisans by contemporary entrepreneurs.

Emotional brands will increase their presence and distinguish themselves by their karmic business principles and sensitizing the audience to their sourcing and manufacturing processes.


PS, This small book rests by my bedside… Gerald Heard, a great philosopher… he had some of the most eye-opening views on sensory evolution.

“Humans can -and must – accelerate their own evolutionary development by advancing in consciousness if they are to survive.” – Gerald Heard, The Ascent of Humanity.



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