Giorgio Armani’s Water Campaign

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It takes an average of 2.5 glasses of water to wash a single glass of water…. and I know New Yorkers are very proud about their clean tap water  and most NY restaurants will pour you a glass of water without any request. But I’ve also noticed that most glasses go untouched.

Start calculating your personal water footprint because very soon we will witness clean water scarcity in this country. The movement towards accountability in every industry sector has just started and waste is not part of the equation.

The Acqua for Life campaign is a partnership between Giorgio Armani and Green Cross International (GCI) that has been targeting water-scarce communities in West Africa (Ghana) and Latin America (Bolivia and Mexico), Sri Lanka, Ivory Coast and Senegal.

About the Cause:
It’s about raising funds and awareness for safe, clean drinking water for children in need. Acqua for Life is a campaign by Giorgio Armani to support the UNICEF Tap Project in an effort to help UNICEF improve access to safe, clean water for children around the globe. For every person who “likes” Acqua for Life on Facebook, Giorgio Armani will donate $1* to support the UNICEF Tap Project, up to 100,000. With $1, UNICEF can provide a child with 40 days of safe, clean drinking water.

March 22nd is World Water Day

Another one of my favorites is Charity Water, where I’ve volunteered in the past.


2 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani’s Water Campaign

  1. This is really interesting! It does scare me how little attention the world seems to pay to this stuff. Just beginning to explore ethical blogging, loved this one!

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